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A completed audit cycle - What do patients think of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Surgical Checklist?

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A questionnaire was distributed to all patients undergoing an elective otolaryngology procedure during a two-week period. The “sign in” was performed as per the instructional video on the National Patient Safety Agency website.
Certain questions e.g. anticipated blood loss and risk of aspiration, increased anxiety levels of some patients prior to anaesthesia induction. Consequently, the “sign in” was modified so that the anxiety-provoking questions were discussed prior to the arrival of the patient. The questionnaire was distributed for another two-week period – the “sign in” did not increase anxiety levels in any of these patients.
A simple modification of the timing of asking certain questions removed this anxiety and improved the patient journey experience through our operating department.

Additional Info

  • Authors: Jayesh Doshi, Khaled Badran &Satvir Minhas
  • Keywords: World Health Organisation checklist; audit; patient satisfaction
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