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The one airway concept: setting up a multi-disciplinary clinic

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The ‘One Airway Model’ is well recognised with established overlapping of clinico-pathological findings. Early recognition and treatment of upper airway symptoms combined with simultaneous treatment of lower airway disease may be the key to long-term airway disease control. ENT Surgeons are in a position that enables early recognition, treatment, and initiation of a multidisciplinary approach to airway disease.

A One Airway Service is an ideal way of treating patients with upper and lower airway symptoms.

The One Airway Clinic is a specialist multidisciplinary setting that benefits patient care and patient pathways, is financially cost effective, and opens numerous audit and research opportunities. We present our experience of successfully setting up and running a One Airway Clinic over the last 5 years.

Additional Info

  • Authors: R Advani, N Stobbs, D Bondin, Neil Killick, B Ranganathan, I Aziz & BN Kumar
  • Keywords: airway disease; chronic rhinosinusitis; rhinitis; asthma; one airway
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